Dark Field Observation of Gold Nanocarriers

imec- SnapscanVNIR
  • Detect pictures

  • In the experiment, the 60-100nm mixed gold nanoparticles [60-100nm AuNP] provided by the cooperative research laboratory [Chun Yuan University-Nano Biomedical Engineering Research Laboratory] were used for observation, and the size of the material was estimated through the change of the scattering spectrum.

    The nanomaterials were co-cultured with RAW264.7 mouse macrophages, and the changes in the scattering spectrum of the particles during the cell generation process were observed.

  • Introduction
  • To use Snapscan VNIR hyperspectral camera combined with dark field microscope (Dark Field Microscope) to obtain the scattered light of cells and gold nanoparticles. And through the change of light scattered by nano-materials, in vitro experiments are used to analyze the cell metabolism cycle, size and structure changes of materials, etc. It can be applied to the research of material validation, stability testing, and biological half-life of biomedical materials.

  • Technical specifications
  • Microscope:ZEISS LSM510 With Cytoviva 150 Darkfield Condenser
    Objective lens:Zeiss Plan-Apochromat 100x/1.46 Oil Iris
    Image resolution:7MP
    Waveband range:470-900nm
    Optical resolution:15nm(FWHM)