• Jan. Executed the development project of hyperspectral image analyzer for Mini _ Micro LED display module by SBIR, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • Dec. "An active short-wave near-infrared hyperspectral imaging for assessing disease severity" got the certificate of the 19th national innovation award. This project was executed by Taichung Veterans General Hospital and Isuzu Optics.
  • Sep. Executed and completed the development of A+ nm-precision crystal optical component manufacturing system for the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • Jul. The Board of Directors was reorganized from 5 directors and 1 supervisor to 3 directors and 1 supervisor.
  • Aug.-Oct. Conduct internal education training for workforce improvement programs.
  • Apr. Executed and completed the SBIR Embedded Relay Lens Micro hyperspectral Imaging System (ERL-MHIS) project for the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • Jul. The all shares of the Japanese party were fully transferred, the board re-organized and Mr. Victor Hao as the chairman.
  • Aug. The capital was increased from the surplus and the capital was $24 million.
  • To change the accounting year is on a calendar year basis.
  • Feb. Officially located at 6F-11, No. 26, Tai-Yuan Street, Jubei City
  • Feb. The Chairman of the Board of Directors was Mr. Takashi Tarumi.
  • Jun. Established, with a capital of 5 million, 70% Japanese capital. The chairman of the board is Mr. Hiroshi Tarumi.
  • Jul. Isuzu Optics started the official operation